Tuesday, 7 June 2016

2016 season opens this weekend on Atauro

Yay - the rain has stopped!
This weekend the 2016 Cinema Loro sa'e program of free outdoor cinema screenings kicks off across the island of Atauro. Angelo and the team will cross over by boat then venture to the villages bringing movies to these remote communities. Screenings will include local shorts as well as films such as wonderful Australian crowd pleaser Red Dog as well as pre-Premiere test screenings of Paper Planes.
Screenings commence just past dusk.

June  2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Saturday  11-Jun-16 Atauro Vila 
Sunday 12-Jun-16 Atauro Vila 
Monday 13-Jun-16 Atauro Beloi
Tuesday 14-Jun-16 Atauro Beloi
Wednesday 15-Jun-16 Atauro Macadade
Thursday 16-Jun-16 Atauro Maqueli
Friday 17-Jun-16 Atauro Maqueli
Saturday 18-Jun-16 Atauro Biqueli