Sunday, 26 June 2016

Paper Planes and Rob Connolly in East Timor!

Cinema Lorosae brings the hit Australian film Paper Planes to Timor-Leste
Cinema Lorosae is excited to announce that Mr Connolly will attend the national launch of Paper Planes in Timor-Leste. Paper Planes is the award winning film of a young boy’s dream to compete in the World Paper Planes Competition.
Employing local voice actors Paper Planes has been translated and recorded into Tetum (Timor-Leste’s national language) in Dili at the PixelAsia studio so that the people of Timor-Leste can enjoy this uplifting family film. Launching in Dili on 29 June, Cinema Lorosae will screen the film at free, outdoor public events across Timor-Leste.
The writer and director of Paper Planes, Mr Robert Connolly will be known to many in Timor-Leste for his internationally acclaimed film Balibo (2009). Mr Connolly said that he is delighted to return to Timor-Leste after having first visited in 2008 for the filming of his feature film Balibo.  "Making Balibo and working in Timor-Leste was a highlight of my career, and I look forward to screening my first children’s film Paper Planes, for the children of Timor-Leste."
Paper Planes will premiere on June 29 at Largo Lecidere, Dili and then continue screenings around the country.
Members of the public are invited to join Robert Connolly at the following free, public screenings of Paper Planes:
  • Wednesday 29 June, Largo Lecidere, Dili, 6:30pm – 9pm (Tetum version)

  • Friday 1 July, Balibo villa, 6:30pm – 9pm (Tetum version)

  • Saturday July 2, Sky Garden,  6:30pm – 9pm Timor Plaza Hotel (English version)
Since 2011 Cinema Lorosae has brought film to the people of Timor-Leste. Employing locals, using an inflatable screen and visiting hundreds of remote villages, Cinema Lorosae has entertained and inspired tens of thousands of Timorese.
Family friendly fun – come along and share a memorable night!
Further details contact: Matt Wilkinson 7844 0429 /
                                     or  Angelo Alves      7734-8456 /

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

2016 draft schedule

Hi Folks,

Here is the plan for 2016. Subject to change due weather, unknown knowns, and potential known unknowns, and the like! Screenings kicked off over the weekend on Atauro and continue through this week. Cheerio, M

June 2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Saturday to Saturday 11 to 18  Atauro  To be a nuncio
Wednesday 29 Dili Largo Lecidere
July  2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Friday 1 Balibo Balibo
Saturday 3 Dili Timor Plaza
Wednesday  to Weddnesday 6 to 13 Oe-Cusse To be a nuncio
Monday to Thursday 20 to 30 Suai To be a nuncio
August  2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Monday to Monday 1 to 8 Same To be a nuncio
Monday to Monday 15 to 22 Ainaro To be a nuncio
Wednesday to Wednesday 24 to 31 Aileu To be a nuncio
20 August  public holiday, FALENTIL DAY  to be a nuncio
September  2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Monday to Monday 5 to 12 Manatuto To be a nuncio
Monday to Friday 19 to 30 Baucau To be a nuncio
October  2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Monday to Monday 3 to 10 Lospalos To be a nuncio
Monday to Monday 17 to 31 Viqueque To be a nuncio
Novemebr  2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Monday to Monday 7 to 14 Ermera To be a nuncio
Monday to Monday 21 to 28 Maliana To be a nuncio
12 November  public holiday Massacre Santa Cruz, to be a nuncio 
28 November Public holiday, Proclamation independance day to be a nuncio 
Desember   2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Thursday to Thursday 1 to 8 Liqueca To be a nuncio
Thursday to Thursday 15 to 22 Dili To be a nuncio

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

2016 season opens this weekend on Atauro

Yay - the rain has stopped!
This weekend the 2016 Cinema Loro sa'e program of free outdoor cinema screenings kicks off across the island of Atauro. Angelo and the team will cross over by boat then venture to the villages bringing movies to these remote communities. Screenings will include local shorts as well as films such as wonderful Australian crowd pleaser Red Dog as well as pre-Premiere test screenings of Paper Planes.
Screenings commence just past dusk.

June  2016
Day Date District/Sub-District Village
Saturday  11-Jun-16 Atauro Vila 
Sunday 12-Jun-16 Atauro Vila 
Monday 13-Jun-16 Atauro Beloi
Tuesday 14-Jun-16 Atauro Beloi
Wednesday 15-Jun-16 Atauro Macadade
Thursday 16-Jun-16 Atauro Maqueli
Friday 17-Jun-16 Atauro Maqueli
Saturday 18-Jun-16 Atauro Biqueli