Sunday, 2 November 2014

Movies on the island paradise of Atauro

In August we when to Atauro Island showing the film  for one week /// Iha fulan Augusto ami ba Atauro loke film iha Atauro semana ida..

The Ferry Nakroman  travels from Dili to Atauro on Saturdays. /// Ro Nakroma husi Dili ba Atauro iha loron Sabado.

 Father Francisco welcomes the crowd of young and old to the screening of Balibo.

The caverness volume of the troopy is essential for all of the cinema equipment including the roll up / blow up screen in the foreground.

 The people attendances a movies so seriously

The kids so happy with Timor Telekom  balaclava 

 Chilly but fun!!!!   /   Malirin maibe sente diak!!!

We screen for five night / Ami hasai Cinema kalan lima