Saturday, 30 November 2013

Viqueque screenings continue

Cinema Loro sa'e continue screenings in Viqueque, heading to the Villages as per the program below. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

November 28 Independence Day in Viqueque

Cinema Loro sa'e was pleased to be asked to join the November 28 Independence Day Celebrations held in Kraras, Viqueque region. 

The event spanned a few days, the plan was to screen all three noghts, but when rain stopped play on Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th became a double feature - the locally made Dili Film Works "A Guerra da Beatriz" and Rob Connelly's "Balibo" were shown to a huge crowd estimated at just under 3000 people! Then on Thursday night Peter Gordon's "Bloodshot" screened to a smaller crowd, but still around 1200 people.

It was very exciting to be part of the official program, Angelo and Lou were pleased to have such large crowds enjoying the films. The many helpers were also greatly appreciated.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A week in Suai

Last week Angelo and Lou were in Suai district for 6 nights of well attended screenings to a total of 7000 people!

Upon arrival in Suai after meeting with the DA the towns and films for the week are chosen. Tuesday the 12th is a National Holiday to commemorate the tragic Santa Cruz Masacre, so for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Cinema lorosae screened Peter Gordons incredibly pertinent documentary BloodShot.

On Monday the 11th November they screened Blood Shot in Suai town itself, to 1100 people.

Tuesday the 12th they screened Blood Shot again in Matai, to a huge crowd of 1600. This was Santa Cruz Masacra memorial day, so it was very important to show this film.

Wednesday it was Blood Shot again to a 1000 people in Suai Loro.

For the rest of the week they returned to this years hit and most popular film, Timor Leste's own film, A Guerra da Beatriz.

On Thursday they screened in Kamanasa to 1500 people.

Friday a cosy crowd of 900 attended in Oques.

They finished up on Saturday night in Seran Kotek, to a healthy crowd of 1200.

Sunday the long drive home..... They will be home in Dili for a week before heading off to Viqueque.