Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Guerra da Beatriz a huge hit in the districts

The Cinema Loro sa'e season is well underway, with multiple screenings now taking place across the districts to some great crowds.

After a quick trip to Maubessi for a Friday night screening with the Dili Film Works team, Angelo and Lou have been venturing further afield in their trusty Troopy provided by our friends at Rentlo. They have reported from the road and sent some pictures.

"We screen in District Aileu, Village Liurai, Saboria and Seloi-Kraik. People so happy to Cinema  Loro sa’e coming to screen in their small village. They all so happy to watch a movie A Guerra da Beatriz."

"We can't go to Soibada, Laclubar, Natarbora because of rain the road is not safe, and then we change the schedule to come to Maliana for 3 days instead.

For the Friday and Saturday night we showed A Guerra da Beatriz, with crowds of 2000 and 2100 people. On Sunday night we showed Peter Gordon's documentary "Bloodshot" to 1200 people. The people in Maliana always have big crowds, they love seeing the movies on the soccer field in the middle of town and the kids love to see the screen blowing up as well!"