Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Back from Ermera

The screenings in the Ermera district were a great success with healthy crowds.

The local kids always enjoy seeing the screen blowing up and will gather around well before the film begins.

Our trusty Troopy from Rentlo, essential for driving through the hills of East Timor.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cinema Loro sa'e arrive in the hills of Ermera

Cinema Loro sa'e arrived in Ermera today en route back from Balibo and Maliana to Dili.

They will be screening A Guerra da Beatriz in Ermera Wednesday night, before heading to the sub district towns of Ermera Lama on Thursday, Hatulia A on Friday and Hatulia B on Saturday.


Sunday, 21 July 2013

As new sponsor Schweppes comes onboard, large crowds in Maliana andBalibo

While the team has been screening to large crowds in Maliana and Balibo, we are mightily pleased to welcome Schweppes on board as a sponsor of Cinema Loro sa'e.

Over 8000 people attended screenings over the last week - 4100 people saw A Guerra da Beatriz over two nights in Maliana and 2500 over two nights in Balibo. On the third night in each town 1200 and 900 locals saw Peter Gordon's Bloodshot. Fantastic crowds not only seeing these great films, but all of the short film and pre show entertainment. Its always wonderful to be so well received in these towns.

Schweppes have been a long time supplier to the Sun Theatre in Yarraville, and Schweppes' Brendan Stanton arranged for a 5 year sponsorship of Cinema Loro sa'e that makes a considerable contribution to the running of the program. We love that someone that has provided us with fantastic service for the last 10 years has agreed to assist us with our Timor program, which we look forward to running for many years to come. Thankyou Schweppes.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Guerra da Beatriz a huge hit in the districts

The Cinema Loro sa'e season is well underway, with multiple screenings now taking place across the districts to some great crowds.

After a quick trip to Maubessi for a Friday night screening with the Dili Film Works team, Angelo and Lou have been venturing further afield in their trusty Troopy provided by our friends at Rentlo. They have reported from the road and sent some pictures.

"We screen in District Aileu, Village Liurai, Saboria and Seloi-Kraik. People so happy to Cinema  Loro sa’e coming to screen in their small village. They all so happy to watch a movie A Guerra da Beatriz."

"We can't go to Soibada, Laclubar, Natarbora because of rain the road is not safe, and then we change the schedule to come to Maliana for 3 days instead.

For the Friday and Saturday night we showed A Guerra da Beatriz, with crowds of 2000 and 2100 people. On Sunday night we showed Peter Gordon's documentary "Bloodshot" to 1200 people. The people in Maliana always have big crowds, they love seeing the movies on the soccer field in the middle of town and the kids love to see the screen blowing up as well!"

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

World Premiere

The World Premiere of A Guerra da Beatriz was screened last weekend in the town of Kraras to a crowd of over 500 people from the small town.
The film was introduced by director Bety Reis before screening on the Cinema Loro sa'e inflatable screen. It was wonderful to be hosting the World Premiere in such a small town off the beaten track, where the film was set and partly filmed.

A screening was also held in Kasait the following night, as thanks to the town who hosted and assisted with filming. This Friday, a third screening will be shown in Maubisse, another town filming took place, as thanks to the locals there.