Sunday, 23 June 2013


Cinema Loro sa'e is proud to be hosting the World Premiere of  A Guerra da Beatriz on Saturday 29th June 2013, on behalf of Dili Film Works and Fair Trade Films in the town of Kraras, in the hills near Viqueque, Timor-Leste. The free screening will be outdoors, on our large inflatable screen in the centre of town, so that a vast crowd can enjoy the event. The screening will begin at approximately 6.30pm with an introduction by Director Bety Reis and her film making team followed by our pre show shorts program, then the World Premiere.

East Timor’s historic first feature film, A Guerra da Beatriz, is the haunting, passionate story of one woman’s conviction to remain true to the man she loves and the country for which she fought. It is a bold reworking of the 16th century French ‘Martin Guerre’ story.  In this adaptation the original story is transposed to Portuguese Timor during the Indonesian occupation of the small nation.  Sixteen years after Beatriz’s husband disappears during a brutal massacre by occupying Indonesian forces she is troubled by his mysterious return:  is he the young man she’d lost or is he an impostor?

The interpid Cinema Loro sa'e team of Angelo and Lou in the RENTLO Toyota Troopy are on the road three weeks a month screening shorts and movies across Timor-Leste, we have shown a range of films over the last three years, but once the World Premiere has screened, we will show A Guerra da Beatriz in every Village we screen in, from the district centres to the tiniest village.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

State Cinema Hobart joins as a new Sponsor

Cinema Loro sa'e is very please to welcome the State Cinema Hobart as new sponsor and supporter. The State Cinema is Hobart's only art cinema, run by John Kelly, it is an oasis of quality films, food and wine that has a loyal following amongst the southern most of Australians.

Last week we visited Ainaro, and now we are screening in Same. The villages and dates are below.
Setting up the screen, the projector sits behind the screen, so the audience just sees the big picture and kids love to sit as close as possible.

Happy kids watching the film, and keeping cool with their Timor Telecom fans!

Screening program for 2013, showing districts to be visited and location of first night screening. Upon arrival in district and meeting with DA, the schedule of Villages for screenings is decided and will be posted. We look forward to visiting your Village soon.